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We present a whole mitogenome Illumina-based sequencing method suitable fo. Two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid and protein quantitation. Lamellae cuts Premium - middle cut Application: For cutting stri. Microplate readers. Used in combination with prefilled reagent cartridges, it can purify DNA or RNA from a wide range of sample types and is integrated with the Quantus Fluorometer, which allows users to collect purification and quantification data in one operating report. The Quantus™ Fluorometer is an easy-to-use and affordable single-tube fluorometer. Grant Instruments supply scientific laboratory equipment and data acquisition solutions worldwide to the healthcare sector, industrial markets and more.

b) Press the thumb bar while holding the spool with your thumb. A microplate reader for detecting luminescence, florescence and absorbance, GloMax Discover offers advanced detection in a single, easy-to-use instrument. The Waters 2475 Fluorescence (FLR) Detector offers unsurpassed sensitivity for quantifying low concentrations of target compounds, whether naturally fluorescent or derivatized with a fluorescent tag. The Infinite 200 PRO is an easy-to-use multimode plate reader family that offers affordable, high performance detection solutions, referenced in more than 1800 peer reviewed publications. Proteinase K Solution.

Hard and soft copper tubes Ø 10–22 mm, Ø 3/8–7/8", s ≤ 1. Please visit our Web site for more information. The iQuant™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit is designed specifically for an easy and accurate quantitation of dsDNA. The 800™ TS Absorbance Reader is an affordable, high quality microplate reader for assays in 6- to 384-well formats. Promega Manufacturing and Delivery Systems continue to be fully operational during the COVID-19 outbreak. Stemmer (1996) Improved Green Fluorescent Protein by Molecular Evolution Using DNA Shuffling. The Quantus™ Fluorometer is a dual-channel fluorometer that provides highly sensitive fluorescent detection in a compact, simple-to-use instrument.

Operating the Quantus™ Fluorometer The Quantus™ Fluorometer uses five buttons for simple navigation one center button to confirm your choice (“Go”), and four surrounding buttons to navigate up, down, left or right through the menus. REMS Hurrican H – for making T-branches yourself. Microplate Reader User Manuals. The ACQUITY UPLC ® FLR Detector delivers sensitivity and selectivity to fluorescence-based applications. To properly set the spool tension, perform the following procedure: a) With line, lure and rod assembled, hold the rod at a 45º angle.

Our teams are in regular contact with suppliers and distributors worldwide and are taking all steps necessary to address both demands for diagnostic tools and reliable delivery of all products as quickly as possible. This regulated fluorometer quantus fluorometer operating manual español is based on both a low thermal mass infrared heater, and an orthogonal geometry LED-based filter fluorometer. Promega Biosystems. Hologic is a global champion of women’s health, we integrate The Science of Sure into everything we do quantus to help improve and save lives through early detection and proactive treatment. The instrument is designed for use with Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems. Working with mitochondrial DNA from highly degraded samples is challenging. Economic manual tool for efficiently making T-branches for pipe installations without fittings. It extends the benefits of UPLC technology for the analysis of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), drugs of abuse, and vitamins – any component with chemiluminescent properties, such as fluorescence or phosphorescence.

Request a Copy of PDF Manual. Product Availability Update. A version of the manual is available in the delivery that came español with your microplate reader. Page 4 Apply all lubricants sparingly, and wipe off any excess before using. The assay is highly selective for double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) over RNA and designed to quantitate 2–1,000ng of DNA in a 200μl assay. Technical Manual Quantus™ Fluorometer Operating Manual INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF PRODUCT E6150.

The compact instrument offers intuitive navigation and a large 3-inch liquid crystal display screen. The kit is highly selective for dsDNA over RNA, and offers advantages in stability, linear dynamic range, and sensitivity over other traditional methods of DNA quantitation. Stable in solution at room temperature.

Applications for the 800 TS extend from endpoint ELISA to temperature sensitive kinetic assays, quantus fluorometer operating manual español enabled with Gen5 Software. Infinite possibilities. No resuspension or thawing before use.

Power is supplied through an external power supply and data is collected in real time through standard serial interfaces of personal computers or personal digital assistants. Omega Plate Reader Series of BMG LABTECH with four Microplate Readers equipped with different detection modes for all of your Assays. When used with the preprogrammed settings for quantus fluorometer operating manual español Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems (QuantiFluor® dsDNA, RNA and ssDNA Systems), the Quantus™ Fluorometer can quickly quantitate nucleic acids. An x-ray fluorescence spectrometer from Bruker is the elemental analysis instrument of choice for many industry, academic, and regulatory compliance applications in which ascertaining the exact elemental composition of a sample is the key to good decision-making and efficient, profitable operations. The color touchscreen provides a visual user interface, making programming fast and intuitive. MC5005, MC5008, A5051. The Thermo Scientific Sensititre AST System consolidates your antimicrobial susceptibility testing onto a single platform.

The Qubit® dsDNA BR (Broad Range) Assay Kit can be used with the Quantus™ Fluorometer. (16) Living Colors User Manual Clontech Laboratories Inc. The Sensititre System utilizes the gold standard-level 1 MIC accuracy of broth microdilution, providing superior quality and reproducibility for accurate results the first time. Circular saw blade diameter: 180 mm - 300 mm Band saw blade width: 1 mm - 8 mm Saw blade thickness: 0. Tecan‘s engineers and scientists are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality by focusing on the details, ensuring that your data is true and consistent, empowering your discovery. We are happy to provide you with a new copy if you need one. Get more Information. Quantus™ Fluorometer Operating Manual Products may be covered by pending or issued patents or may have certain limitations.

DNA quantitation of purified DNA samples is a standard nucleic acid research workflow, providing confidence for downstream applications such as Next Gen Sequence, PCR, Cloning, and DNA transfections (Figure 1). Infinite ® 200 PRO Six configurations. This Application Note describes the protocol for using the Qubit® dsDNA BR Assay Kit with the Quantus™ Fluorometer. Quantus™ Fluorometer. This Application Note describes the protocol for using the QuantiFluor® ssDNA System with the Quantus™ Fluorometer to measure the concentration of single-stranded DNA samples.

The fluorometer is preprogrammed with protocols for single-stranded DNA, double-stranded DNA and RNA quantitation using the QuantiFluor® Dyes but is also. Revised 1/20 Part TM396 TM396. The Quantus™ Fluorometer is optimized with preprogrammed settings for Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems for nucleic acid quantitation and allows users the flexibility to create their own methods and quantitation settings for other dyes within the proper excitation and emission wavelengths. Instrument compatibility: assay can be performed using a fluorescence plate reader, or a fluorometer such as Qubit® or Quantus™. This ready-to-use multimode plate reader is developed to work seamlessly with Promega luminescence and fluorescence based detection reagents. The Quantus™ Fluorometer is optimized with preprogrammed settings for Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems for nucleic acid quantitation and allows users the flexibility to create their own methods and quantitation settings for other dyes within the proper excitation and emission wavelengths. The Quantus™ Fluorometer measures sample volumes as little as 1µl in a 200µl assay volume without sacrificing instrument sensitivity. qxd 2:50 PM Page a.

Quantus fluorometer operating manual español

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