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Infusion pump manual

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24 hours at 125 mL/hr Power RequirementsV, 50-60 Hz, 0. The Z-800F has been designed to be a full-featured, full-performance, state-of-the-art IV infusion pump. Pump Manual Link The Zyno Z-800F infusion pump has four primary purpose-driven design objectives that are central to the development efforts: simplicity, saftey, reliability, and durability. The Sapphire infusion system provides the performance, accuracy and configurable settings you need to help meet your patients’ therapy needs – all through a single infusion pump. Overview Z-800 LVP Series Z-800F IV Pump Z-800WF IV Pump.

infusion pump designed to work as you do. The Z-800F has an established history of reliability and durability. *D evices/items advertised in this catalog may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law. Product Numbers List Number 16311 Case Information Order Quantity 1 Unit Case Size 1 x 1 Pump Line Sapphire™ Pump Type Ambulatory Infusion Dimensions Approx. Zyno immediately requested the user facility to stop this practice which violates warnings printed on instructions for use and the pump label. As the illustration indicates below, the Roberts clamp easily loads into the pump in the designated holder.

Accurate infusions: the Sapphire infusion system is rated for ± 2. 1 to 9,999 mL 1 to 1,200 mL / Hr. Occlusion Pressure The Z-800 Infusion Pump provides 14 levels of adjustable downstream occlusion alarm thresholds between 4 psi and 30 psi. The Zyno Medical B2 Primary IV Administration Set for Z-800 Series Infusion Pump provides continuous or intermittent transmission of medication or fluids to the patient. (F indicating set based free-flow protection) Used in conjunction with B series IV sets, the IV set incorporates a modified Roberts clamp that when properly loaded into to the pump provides an automatic back-up safety system to the “pump-based, free-flow protection device” only system. Secondary Infusions.

Check to ensure the pump door operates freely. Zyno&39;s flagship product, the Z-800 Infusion pump is ideally suited for basic infusion needs in alternate care environments such as oncology, ambulatory infusion centers, specialty pharmacy/Long-term care, and home care. In response, Zyno Medical developed the Z-800 F infusion pump. The Z-800F is the latest large volume infusion pump in a robust product portfolio of IV infusion systems from Zyno Solutions. Call us toll-free.

Video-Based Training: The ZynoMedical Z-800F Infusion Pump. How to Set Up Time Volume Mode For Z-800F. Infusion Pump Z-800F Battery Linear Peristaltic 8. Battery Life/charge: Minimum 8 Hours, Fully Charges in 4 Hours Alarms: Air-In-Line, Occlusion, Door Open, Battery Empty, System Error.

Large Volume Infusion Pump Systems. FORUMS View All (7) Ask a New Question DOCUMENTS / MANUALS View All. Best price Medical Equipments including iv Infusion Pumps, iv therapy Infusion Pumps, iv Infusion Pumps for sale. Infusion Modes: Continuous Rate/Volume; Continuous 800f Time/Volume; Ten-St.

IV set incorporates a modified Roberts clamp that when properly loaded into to the pump provides an automatic back-up safety system to the “pump-based, free-flow. ⚫ Before the infusion pump is connected to the power supply, make sure the voltage and frequency of the power supply comply with the label on the pump or the specific requirements outlined in this Operator’s Manual. Braun iv set ((b)(4)) with zyno infusion pump. 6 A Volume RangemL. > Simple, straightforward easy-to-use, easy-to-read, color touch screen > Human factors-driven design for easy setup, programming, and readability > Easy maintenance, including remote manual system certification to help ensure pump performance > Full range of non-DEHP sets > Multitherapy and epidural. 5” (14 cm) Weight 3. Z-800 F infusion pump (F indicating set based free-flow protection).

Set Up Rate Volume Mode, Z-800F. Additionally the Z-800F includes; set based anti-free-flow protection and standard pump based free-flow-protection, the ability to program up to eight standard infusion protocols, configurable menus, upgradeable software, and an easy-to-use. Infusion Pump Accuracy +/- 2% Size (Height x Width x Depth) 5. Power Source: Battery: Type: Linear Peristaltic: UNSPSC Code:: Volume: 1 to 9,999 mL: Weight: 7 lbs. view statement / make a paymentskilled care connect. 5% accuracy† even under long or slow rate deliveries. 5” (27 cm) x 5. Remove the pump module from its carton.

Infusion Modes: Continuous Rate/Volume; Continuous Time/Volume. Zyno Medical’s Z-800 F infusion pump Zyno Medical’s Z-800 F infusion pump was created in response to avoid medication run-away conditions, which are particular problemsome in Oncology settings. This infusion pump builds on the established reliability and durability of the Z-800 system. The iv set used in this infusion (returned together with the pump, attached to the levoleucovorin calcium bag) was found to be b.

7 oz (without battery) Battery Life Approx. This document provides directions for use of the Z-800F Infusion Pump. Used ZYNO Z-800F Pump IV Infusion For Sale or Rent - DOTmed Listing 2655598: The z 800f infusion pump manual Z-800 F Infusion pump adds IV set based free-flow protection to the accurate delivery of parenteral fluids, blood. Z-800F Infusion Pump Complete Training. Pumps must be able to generate 30 psi or more to deliver fluid into a pressurized chamber. The Zyno Z-800F Infusion Pump offers a simple, reliable and durable infusion pump for oncology infusion, long-term care, and alternate site infusion providers. Forums Documents and Manuals.

The Z-800 Infusion Pump has a built in free flow clamp to prevent inadvertent free flow when the set is loaded in the pump. 7 kg) Moisture Protection or Fluid Resistant IPX3 fluid ingress protection Operating Temperature 41° – 104° F (5°- 40° C) Relative Humidity 20 – 95% non-condensing. Used ZYNO Z-800 Pump IV Infusion For Sale or Rent - DOTmed Listing 2655599: The Z-800 Infusion pump is intended to provide accurate delivery of parenteral fluids, blood and blood products to a. Make sure to close the roller clamp before removing administration set from Z-800 Infusion Pump. Contact InfuSystem ® today to learn how our pump experts can help you find the right pump. Z-800F Infusion Pump Guide z 800f infusion pump manual & Instructions Skilled Care Pharmacy is a midwest institutional pharmacy providing medication dispensing to long-term care facilities, ensuring a higher quality of life for elderly residents. This document provides directions for use of the Z-800F Infusion Pump. With upgradeable software, pump and set-based anti-free-flow protection and pump saved protocols the Z-800F offers a long term solution for IV infusions.

93" d Weight Approx. How to Load IV Tubing For Z-800. This Sell Sheet includes product information for: Z-800, Z-800F, Z-800W. 3 Inch: Display Type: Digital: Flow Rate: 1 to 1,200 mL / Hr. How to Load a Protocol. How to Setup Continuous Mode (T/V) For Z-800.

Z-800F: Brand: Z-800F: Manufacturer: Zyno Solutions LLC: Country of Origin: Unknown: Alternate Manufacturer Number: 953318: Application: Infusion Pump: Dimensions: 8. How to Setup Continuous Mode (R/V) For Z-800. To ensure safe usage, please read the entire instruction manual before using the device. The purpose-driven design objectives were met to create a diverse range of clinical use-cases necessary for the infusion pump environment. Set, Prime and Load the Z-800F How to Set Up Rate Volume Mode How to Set Up Time Volume Mode.

Vista® Basic Infusion Pump The Vista basic was designed to ensure simplicity in all aspects of its use: from set installation, to programming, to special mode use and alarm correction. The Z-800F is focused on the US alternate care market which has seen significant growth in the long-term care pharmacy, home care and oncology markets. OrderManufacturer Z-800F Brand Z-800F Manufacturer Zyno Medical Application Infusion Pump Dimensions 8. Zyno Medical Z-800F Infusion Pump View Additional Pictures. Our user and patient focus brings distinct benefits to your unique and demanding infusion settings. UNPACK THE PUMP The Z-800F Infusion Pump is supplied complete with A standard detachable, listed/certified IEC Hospital Grade electrical cord Pole Clamp pre-mounted at 45 degree angle to the pump Instruction for Use 1. This primary administration set is 105 inches long and has a sterile fluid path with a priming volume of 18 mL and drip rate of 20 drops. Infusion Pump; Zyno Medical - Z-800; Documents; User Manual; Zyno Medical Z-800 User Manual.

The Z-800F Infusion Pump must only be operated utilizing Zyno Medical’s proprietary administration sets. Based on a design that has sold over 100,000 units worldwide, the Vista basic provides high reliability packaged in one of the easiest pumps to use. Let us be your up-to-the-minute resource for information about pharmaceutical emergencies, important advice and recommendations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the latest industry news. The pump’s infusion set is attached to the proximal connector of a hyperbaric extension set that is sealed in the wall of the chamber (see arrow). Zyno Medical - Z-800.

Set, Prime and Load the Z-800F. Loading Document. Inspect the pump. 3 Inch Display Digital Flow Rate 1 to 1,200 mL/hr Power Source Battery Type Linear Peristaltic UNSPSC CodeVolume 1 to 9,999 mL Weight 70 lbs. Includes: Alarm Pole Clamp All Z-800 Infusion pump series provide a “pump based, free-flow protection device” to avoid fluid, or medication run-away conditions should a user inadvertently open the door and not close the roller or slide. The z 800f infusion pump manual Z-800F is the latest in a robust product portfolio of IV infusion solutions from Zyno Medical.

WARNING: Some Z-800 IV Sets configurations do NOT have set based free-flow protection. ⚫ Avoid exposing this infusion pump to high-pressure sterilization or chemical z 800f infusion pump manual materials. The sets are designed for use with the Z-800F Infusion Pump as well as. A Zyno Medical Z-800F pump infusing to a patient in a monoplace chamber.

Z 800f infusion pump manual

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