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It is strongly recommended that devices in the HiQnet system have their node addresses fixed. HiQnet Setup Page The &39;Application Preferences&39; dialog (accessed from Tools > Application Preferences) features a HiQnet setup page which permits control of how London Architect accesses the HiQnet network. In return the software is able to provide automation of many of the laborious system design tasks for free. How do I use HiQnet NetSetter; Environment. 55 KB HiQnet Motion Control v1. 3, HiQnet also launched a new look-and-feel website, including additional online training resources. With the strength of these brands as the system backbone, it is arguably the highest performing system and most flexible system available today.

9 GUI Harman Professional has launched HiQnet System Architect Version 1. The default bit rate is 115,200 bps. The new software platform will provide system-focused configuration of over 100 HiQnet products from AKG, BSS, Crown, dbx, JBL and Lexicon. The 64 available filters are hiqnet system architect manual now assigned into logical blocks for input system EQ, input user EQ, noise generator and loudspeaker processing. 12 Control Inputs and 6 Logic Outputs allow the BLU-100 to be integrated with GPIO compatible devices.

HiQnet Audio Architect™ audio system design and configuration software application retains the revolutionary system design philosophy centered on operational workflow first introduced in HiQnet System Architect™. 12x8 Signal Processor with BLU link BLU-10BLK. HiQnet System Architect v2. This can be changed in HiQnet London Architect by clicking on the desired device in the system layout, opening the Properties window, and selecting the desired data rate. 9, a free download offering new features including network troubleshooting tools, file compression and management and advanced control panel customization. XTi Owner&39;s Manual.

9 also brings with it the fourth member of the Crown XTi Series – the XTi 6000, taking the total number of shipping HiQnet devices to 94 and the total number of System Architect-controlled devices to 67. Also included in System Architect 3 is AVB routing support for AVB-compatible HiQnet devices. HiQnet is a communications protocol or language with which all device-types within the full audio signal path can communicate. This is the second version. Note that it is not intended that third-party control Devices implement all of the methods detailed in this document. If a HiQnet London Architect design has been prepared for the Soundweb London network, you will need to open it now. Prosys PS-8810 Owner&39;s Manual-English Note: some browsers hide scrollbars until you begin scrolling. The devices will then keep this address until there is a conflict at start up or the user manually assigns the device a new address.

3 is comprehensive, cutting-edge and very useful. HiQnet System Architect is now a legacy software application and has been replaced by HiQnet Audio Architect. HiQnet Audio Architect combines the feature set of System Architect and London Architect, merging the open-architecture DSP design of BSS Audio Soundweb London with over 100 HiQnet devices, including the DriveCore Install Series, and the new iOS Motion Control app. R5 (Windows) 117 MB Related Products. The Application preferences dialog appears as follows :- A list of all the network interface cards (NICs) available will appear in the box. 0GHz or better RAM: 2GB Optimal Performance Guidelines: CPU: 64. If you don&39;t see scrollbars on these panels, position your mouse over a panel and scroll with your mouse wheel.

Click below to learn more about the transition to Audio Architect. Harman HiQnet System Architect V23 Debuts. By ProSoundNetwork Editorial Staff Published: Decem HiQnet Band Manager™ HiQnet Band Manager currently functions with the original Crown XTi Series and the latest Crown XTi 2 Series amplifiers. HiQnet Audio Architect configuration and control software represents the addition of HiQnet London Architect functionality within the HiQnet System Architect design environment.

HiQnet Audio Architect™ is the ultimate software application designed to configure and control the widest varieties of professional installed sound systems. We’re satisfied that HiQnet System Architect v2. If the file is stored on the PC running HiQnet London Architect: Click File, select Open, and find and load the file. The Soundweb London Interface Kit, comprehensive documentation which details how Soundweb London systems can be integrated with third party control systems, is included within the installation of HiQnet Audio Architect. 2 firmware adds new functionality to support Harman Pro System Architect. HiQnet Audio Architect enables a greater level of integration for hiqnet the end user by combining the functionality of predecessor software applications HiQnet System hiqnet system architect manual Architect(tm) and HiQnet London Architect(tm).

BSS Audio HiQnet London Architect functionality has been added to HiQnet Audio Architect configuration and control software. 1 (Windows Vista, 7, 8. HiQnet Performance Manager™ Supported Operating Systems: 32 & 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 Note - Performance Manager is not supported in Windows 8 at this time Minimum Performance Guidelines: CPU: 32 bit dual core @ 2. 3 can be downloaded free of charge from the Harman Professional website.

An overview of using Harman HiQnet System Architect software to set basic functions of the Crown CDi and CTs amplifiers for use with an outdoor or distribute. HiQnet Audio Architect. Routing audio across a system has never been easier then with the drag-and-drop of signals from device to device in the dedicated AVB routing mode. HiQnet London Architect v6. HiQnet Audio Architect™ v1. 3 Negotiating a HiQnet Address The Device as initially shipped (or factory reset) will see that its HiQnet Address is zero, so it will set its HiQnet Address to a number between 5 and use broadcast messages to "negotiate" its address. Open or Create a HiQnet London Architect Design File.

HiQnet Audio Architect With core components from BSS Audio and Crown, the heritage of HiQnet Audio Architect lies in the greatest combination of processor and amplifier in the world. HiQnet Performance Manager™ Windows VRack 1HD, VRack 4x3500HD, I-Tech 5000HD, I-Tech 9000HD, MA 1i, MA 9000i, MA 5000i, I-Tech 4x3500HD, I-Tech 1HD. Instead, methods of using System Architect to glean that information are provided. Normally the PC with System Architect, Wireless iPhone app or Vi console with VM2 are supposed to operate in the same HiQnet LAN (Local area network) as the AKG HUB4000 Qs. This system design and configuration software presents a system design philosophy centered on operational workflow, and the use of a diagrammatic representation of the physical venue. Other parameters, such as whether the device will expect messages to be acknowledged, can also be adjusted here. Page 19 EXAMPLE: The following example shows a HiQnet system with a PC running System Architect, a hiqnet system architect manual router (DHCP turned off) and one HUB4000 Q.

2, representing a significant step forward in the new design paradigms introduced with version 2. HiQnet Audio Architect thereby marks a major. HiQnet Audio Architect now replaces HiQnet System Architect as Harman’s primary installed sound system configuration and control software application. HiQnet Audio Architect ™ is the ultimate software application designed to configure and control the widest varieties of professional installed sound systems. Computer connectivity via USB allows fast setup and configuration with HiQnet™ System Architect™ software Rear-panel HD-15 connector provides easy input/output connectivity between DSi amplifiers and new DSi-8M System hiqnet system architect manual Monitor Switch-mode universal power supply All products fill 2U rack spaces and weigh under 19 pounds. Salt Lake City, UT (Decem)--Harman Pro’s Systems Development and Integration Group (SDIG) has introduced HiQnet System Architect Version 2.

For proper display of Audio Architect screens and images, select Smaller-100%. The system is a flexible and intelligent system. The Crown System Architect plug-in includes an intuitive interface for filters. This software allows you to turn loose the power of your Crown amplifiers while greatly simplifying system setup and management. HiQnet Audio Architect brochure; Architectural Media Systems brochure; Architectural Media Systems brochure lo-res; Architectural Media Systems hi-res; Architectural Media Systems lo-res; Audio Architect Brochure. Programmable Controller BLU-10BLU. Updated HiQnet System Architect™ control software; Increased number of presets to a total of 50; 49 of which are user definable.

If the HUB 4000 Q is not showing up at HiQnet Explorer, System Architect has no network connection to the HUB 4000 Q. not provided for every HiQnet Device. It is assumed that readers are familiar with System Architect, the basics of Ethernet networking, and RS232. Product Family: Audio Systems Product: Custom Audio Components: Harman (Crown, BSS) Based Systems Control System: Audio Architect, System Architect, London Architect, Performance Manager. Enhanced HiQnet support in the V. Although modeled on System Architect operation, it is so much more than System Architect version 4, that it demanded a new identity all to itself. For convenience, downloads of System Architect legacy versions are still available here and can be accessed. The computer will need to be rebooted.

Unfortunately as of now, there is not a utility to import or open HiQnet System Architect files into HiQnet Audio Architect. FAQ 2-1: System Architect starts up and no HUB 4000Q is detected! Along with HiQnet capable products from AKG, Crown, dbx and JBL, BSS Audio Soundweb London products previously managed by London Architect can now be managed by HiQnet Audio Architect. According to Rick Kreifeldt, vice president, Harman Professional Systems Development & Integration Group (SDIG), the community of.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Auto HiQnet Address: When devices boot up, System Architect software, when configured to do so, will automatically negotiate and assign a unique HiQnet™ address to each device. System Architect 1. By ProSoundNetwork Editorial Staff Published: Decem.

HiQnet System Architect is now a legacy software application and has been replaced by HiQnet Audio Architect. HiQnet System Architect Version 1.

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